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    We can help you get you car sold!

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    Often you will have people that call to buy your car that need:

    1. Need to sell their current car before buying yours &

    2. Require finance as they may not have cash ready

    Heres where we can help.


    As an experienced motor dealer we can value their current vehicle, make an offer to purchase it off them directly, and then make the sale of your car smoother and quicker. We do this for a one of fee to you and the buyer.

    We can also arrnage finance (T.A.P) for the prospective buyer making things much faster for everyone.

    Most lenders today prefer not to lend finance to a buyer who is buying privately. They only want to make car loan settlemments to a licensed Motor Dealer. That is where we come in.


    We can get it all done for you & the Buyer!

    This will make everyones transaction smoother and quicker.

    So if you engage our service we can help you get the car sold by simplifying the process for everyone.


    It is so easy to get started.

    Just click this link to enter your vehicles details, be sure to mention as many notes as you like in the notes section. We will contact you and start the process of getting your car sold!




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    Making Selling Your Car Easy!


    We look forward to helping you soon!

  • Hear what our clients say:

    "Sold my BMW and it was simple and communication was great with no hassles. Very quick and it was a pleasure doing the deal. Highly recommend!”
    Peter Melbourne Vic.

    Bmw 430i gran coupe


    “Wow! What a great experience. No haggling, or dealerships trying to get a lower price.

    In less than 3 business days from my initial enquiry, I had an inspection completed, my car sold, with funds cleared in my bank account. All this at a great price, better than any dealer could offer. This is what selling a car should be like!

    An amazing customer experience, and to top it off - I dealt with a great bunch of people. Would highly recommend using Sell My Car to anyone looking to sell their vehicle without all the stress that normally goes along with the process. Thank you!”

    Rahul A

    GLC43 coupe




    “ I would highly recommend the team from Autohaus Australia for the professional and honest way they dealt with me in purchasing my mercedes GLE350D. being very cautious and wanting to finalize the sale before going to NZ on holidays, I put my faith in the transaction going through while away on holidays and to his word Dean was honest, transparent and came through without any issues. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering selling their vehicle”





    “I was trying to sell my car (200 Series Landcruiser) online when an ad for 'Sell My Car Australia' popped into my feed. Out of curiosity I submitted an enquiry online. I was pleasantly surprised when within 10 minutes of my enquiry I was contacted by Dean. After a brief discussion and a few calls back and forth, I had sold my car. It all happened in less than an hour from the initial enquiry.
    I had a deposit in my bank account that night. The next day I was contacted by Holly, she arranged the balance to be paid into my account which arrived in around 48hrs. Holly also advised that once the money was in my account to contact her and she would arrange the freight company to collect the car.
    Sure enough, as soon as I advised Holly of the money arriving, within hours I was contacted by the freight company who arranged a seamless transfer and pickup of my vehicle, they even were happy to arrange a key drop off so I didn’t have to be home, though I didn’t need that service as I was home.
    From start to finish, the communication and service from Holly and Dean from 'Sell My Car Australia' and their contractors were quick, accurate and pleasant. I would have no trouble either using them again or recommending them to anyone else trying to sell a vehicle. 10/10 and 5 stars in my book. Thanks guys.”
    Corey K

    Cruiser 200 VX

    Melbourne VIC